Dan Hemingray listed as member

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Sixty-Second Annual Report of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

Cincinnati, OH, United States
p. 178,187, col. 1





Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and Merchants' Exchange.


AUGUST 1, 1911.


NOTE The first column indicates the number of the Certificate of Membership; where a blank exists therein, the membership has no certificate. Where an official title in italics is annexed to a name, in the column under the head of "Name," such title, with the title of the corporation following may not express the present official relations of the member, inasmuch as this shows only the manner in which the name appears in the Certificate of Membership which is not changed till transferred on the books of the Chamber of Commerce under the rules of the same, though the official relations of the member to the corporation may have previously changed or actually terminated.




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