Register of Glass Container Assoc.; Lynchburg, Gayner & Whitall Tatum listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: National Glass Budget

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 37, no. 14, p. 17, col. 1-2

Register of Container Meeting.

The following is a complete roster of firms and representatives that attended the Atlantic City meeting of the Glass Container Association on July 29:

Aluminum Steel Company, J. E. Sharp; American Bottle Co., W. J. Crane and H. W. Seitz; American Metal Cap Co., F. T. Sloan; Armstrong Cork Co., C. H. Silvey; Atlantic Bottle Co., E. F. Glacken; Automatic Machine Co., W. H. Johnson and F. J. Friss; Howard Automatic Glass Feeder Co., G. E. Howard; Ball Bros. Glass Mfg. Co., E. B. Ball; Berney-Bond Glass Co., B. F. Hazelton and R. L. Kane; Bellaire Bottle Co., G. W. Yost; Binghamton Glass Co., A. C. Yetter; Bond Mfg. Corp., W. H. Matson; Buck Glass Co., G. G. Buck; Adolphus Busch Glass Mfg. Co., O. P. Doerr; Carr Lowrey Glass Co., W. R. Leach; Chapman Engineering Co., W. B. Chapman; Chicago Heights Bottle Co., P. W. Schoefield; D. O. Cunningham Glass Co., L. S. Cunningham; Diamond Alkali Co., W. G. Gundelfinger; Fairmont Glass Works, J. Rau; Gayner Glass Works, E. J. Gayner; Geneva Glass Prod. Co., E. A. Salter; Glenshaw Glass Co., J. J. Meyer; J. T. & A. Hamilton Co., J. H. Graham; Hazel Atlas Glass Co., A. B. Paxto and J. S. Algeo; Hinde & Dauch Paper Co., L. D. Mortory and H. D. Beery; Illinois Glass Co., O. S. Thompson, J. F. Perry and C. P. Levis; Kearns Gorsuch Bottle Co., Ralph Gorsuch; Liberty Glass Co., R. J. Craddock and G. F. Collins; Lynchburg Glass Works, N. D. Eller; Maryland Glass Corporation, H. H. Gritzan and A. W. Crownover; Mathieson Alkali Works, J. W. Boyer; Nivison Weiskopf Co., E. L. Miller; National Glass Budget, A. W. Kimes; North Baltimore Bottle Glass Co., I. W. Richardson; North Wheeling Glass Bottle Co., W. B. Gundling; Nat. Bottle Mfrs. Association, C. R. Stevenson; Newborn Glass Co., J. R. Newborn; Old Dominion Glass Co., G. H. Schwarzmann; O'Neill Machine Co., F. E. H. Jaeger; F. E. Reed Glass Co., A. F. Reed; Solvay Process Co., J. A. Morton; Swindell Brothers, W. B. Swindell and W. B. Swindell, Jr.; Spring City Bottle Co., Inc., C. O. Grander and O. B. Finkbiner; Salem Glass Works, J. D. Dilworth; Stevenson Corporation, C. H. Clifford, Jr., and S. M. Hudson; Thatcher Mfg. Co., F. E. Baldwin; Turner Bros. Co., R. E. Walker and W. S. Hubbard; U. S. Bottlers Machinery Co., C. M. Schofield; Upland Flint Bottle Co., A. M. Foster; Winslow Glass Co., P. K. Winslow and Palmer Winslow; Whitall Tatum Co., G. S. Bacon, J. M. Whitall and E. M. Maule; New Process Cork Co., C. E. McManus and W. B. Merrian; Swindell Bros., C. J. B. Swindell; Rhodes Glass & Bottle Co., F. R. Shepley; Boldt Glass Co., Mr. Schwenck; Anchor Cap & Closure Corporation, I. R. Stewart; Owens Bottle Company, J. D. Biggers; Root Glass Company, C. J. Root; Standard Crown Co., E. T. Fleming, Jr.; Upressit Products Corporation, S. C. Stebbins; George P. Nelson, Assistant to Mr. Jennings, Glass Container Association; Dr. A. W. Bitting, Research Director of Glass Container Association; I. G. Jennings, Business Manager, Glass Container Association; C. L. Chandler, Corn Exchange Bank.


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