Members of National Bottle Manufacturer's Assoc.; Lynchburg, Dominion, Gayner & Whitall Tatum listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: National Glass Budget

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 37, no. 13, p. 1, col. 2-3


The National Bottle Manufacturers' Association held its annual meeting on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week at Atlantic City, N. J. Many prominent men in the bottle industry were on hand Tuesday and attended preliminary meetings. On Tuesday afternoon the directors of the Glass Container Association of America also met and transacted routine business.

The bottle business so far this year has not been good as manufacturers or workers would like. It is stated that there has only been twenty-five to forty per cent of the capacity in operation so far this year and that the only branch of the industry that is at all busy is that of milk bottles. Practically all of these bottles are manufactured by one interest and, it is said, the firm has been operating to capacity and steadily increasing its output at the same time and still is unable to keep up with the demand. One or two other companies are said to be seriously thinking about entering the milk bottle field.

Three outstanding features are receiving the attention of bottle manufacturers who are trying to reduce the manufacturing cost. They are: freight rates, labor and cost of raw materials. The high freight rates are playing havoc with profits in many instances. While the price of some raw materials that enter into the bottle batch have been reduced, others have been advanced. Labor, the third feature, is a hard problem to solve. Manufacturers are anxious to secure the lowest wage rate possible that does not interfere with a good standard of living for the workmen, and presented figures showing the decrease in cost of living and asked that the workers would accept a reduction in keeping therewith.

One thing that apparently stands out prominent in the minds of the manufacturers is that it is necessary for them to reduce the manufacturing cost wherever possible, and they are going to make a determined effort to do so.

The lull in business has inspired manufacturers of paper and other containers to renew their effort to replace glass containers of various sizes and shapes with their product. While the glass articles have no equal in the field still the campaign that is being waged by other interest may prove to be very detrimental if not fought. Manufacturers of pressed and blown glassware should co-operate in this matter.

The tariff question was up for discussion as was many others that have a vital bearing upon the industry. The general opinion of those, who expressed themselves prior to the meeting, on the business outlook was, that, the balance of the year was not very promising but all apparently believe that next spring will see decided improvement.

Following is a list of bottle firms that are members of the National Bottle Manufacturers' Association: American Bottle Co., Chicago, Ill.; Acme Glass Co., Olean, N. Y.; Atlantic Bottle Co., Tarentum, Pa.; American Glass Works, Richmond, Va.; Buck Glass Co., Baltimore, Md.; Busch Glass Mfg. Co., A., St. Louis, Mo.; Binghamton Glass Co., Binghamton, N. Y.; Bellaire Bottle Co., Bellaire, O.; Boldt Co., Chas., Cincinnati, O.; Berney-Bond Glass Co., Bradford, Pa.; Brockway Machine Bottle Co., Brockwayville, Pa.; Bristow Glass Co., Bristow, Okla.; Consumers Glass Co., Montreal, Can.; Chicago Heights Bottle Co., Chicago Heights, Ill.; Carr-Lowrey Glass Co., Baltimore, Md.; Cape May Glass Co., Cape May Court House, N. J.; Coschocton Glass Co., Coshocton, O.; Cunningham Glass Co., D. O., Pittsburg, Pa.; Chattanooga Bottle & Glass Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.; Dominion Glass Co., Ltd., Montreal, Can.; Diamond Glass Co., Royersford, Pa.; Fairmount Glass Works, Indianapolis, Ind.; Flaccus Glass Co., C. L., Pittsburg, Pa.; Franzen & Son, William, Milwaukee, Wis.; Graham Glass Co., Evansville, Ind.; Gayner Glass Works, Salem, N. J.; Geneva Glass Products, Geneva, N. Y.; Glenshaw Glass Co, Glenshaw, Pa.; Headley Glass Co., Danville, Ill.; Hart Glass Mfg. Co., Dunkirk, Ind.; Hygeia Glass Corporation, Lancaster, N. Y.; Hutton-Bates Glass Co., Poteau, Okla.; Hamilton, J. T. & A., Pittsburg, Pa.; Hawley Glass Co., Hawley, Pa.; Hazel-Atlas Glass Co., Wheeling, W. Va.; Illinois-Pacific Glass Co., San Francisco, Cal.; Illinois Glass Co., Alton, Ill.; Kearns-Gorsuch Glass Co., Zanesville, O.; Knox Glass Bottle Co., Knox, Pa.; Liberty Glass Co., Sapulpa, Okla.; Laurens Glass Works, Laurens, S. C.; Lynchburg Glass Works, Lynchburg, Va.; Marion Bottle Co., Marion, Ind.; Maryland Glass Corporation, Baltimore, Md.; Millville Bottle Works, Millville, N. J.; Marienville Glass Co., Marienville, Pa.; North Baltimore Glass Co., Terre Haute, Ind.; Nivison-Weiskopf Co., Reading, O.; Newborn Glass Co., Ltd., Royersford, Pa.; Norfolk Glass Mfg. Corp., Norfolk, Va.; North Wheeling Glass Bottle Co., Wheeling, W. Va.; Obear-Nester Glass Co., St. Louis, Mo.; Owens Bottle Co., Toledo, O.; Old Dominion Glass Corp., Alexandria, Va.; Pacific Coast Glass Works, San Francisco, Cal.; Peerless Glass Co., Ravenswood, N. Y.; Pierce Glass Co., Port Allegany, Pa.; Root Glass Co., Terre Haute, Ind.; Reed Glass Co., F. E., Rochester, N. Y.; Rhodes Glass & Bottle Co., Massillon, O.; Standard Glass Co., Marion, Ind.; Swindell Bros., Baltimore, Md.; Schram Glass Mfg. Co., St. Louis, Mo.; Salem Glass Works, Salem, N. J.; Star Glass Co., Medford, N. J.; Sheffield Glass Bottle Co., Sheffield, Pa.; Spring City Glass Works, Ltd., Spring City, Pa.; St. Albans Glass Co., St. Albans, W. Va.; Turner Bros. Co., Terre Haute, Ind.; Thatcher Mfg. Co., Elmira, N. Y.; Tibby-Brawner Glass Co., Punxsutawney, Pa.; Upland Flint Bottle Co., Upland, Ind.; West Coast Glass Co., Los Angeles, Cal.; Woodbury Glass Co., Winchester, Ind.; Wheaton Co., T. C., Millville, N. J.; Whitall Tatum Glass Co., Millville, N. J.; Winslow Glass Co., Columbus, O.


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