Friday Night Republican Meeting, Ralph Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States
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The Republicans have become so intensely in earnest that the announcement of a meeting brings out a crowd that tests the capacity of the largest hall in the city.

The meeting at the opera house next Friday evening will be addressed by the present member of Congress from this district and nominee of the party for re-election, the Hon. Henry U. Johnson. The following gentlemen have been selected as vice presidents of the meeting:

Hon. M.C. Smith,   R.J. Beatty,

Jas N. Templer,     George Abel,

John McGrath,      Edward Nutting,

Wm. M. Arnold,    John Darrall,

G.F. McCulloch,    Hon. T.S.Guthrie,

Adolph Johnson,    John Dungan,

A.?. Stouder,         Harve mcAbee,

Frank McGrath,     R.I. Patterson,

T.M. Kirby,            P.T. McNerney,

R.M. Ball,              Geo. F. Hartley,

Arthur Pershing,     E.B. Case,

J. ? Shafer,            Milton Gray,

Parker Moore,       Thomas Ryan,

Albert Ault,           Chas. McCaughan,

Newton Ford,        Richard Berger,

George Higman,     G.W. Maring,

Robt. Hemingray,   A.E. Lyman,

J.C. Johnson,         Lewis Over,

Henry White,         Phillip Zeller,

C.N. Wilcoxon,      James Downs,

Marion F. Hawk,   Peter J. Menard,

Charles Boldt,        I.O. Allen,

Chas. M. Bilby,      James Morehouse,

Samuel Moore,       C.L. Medkwer,

Arthur Meeks,        S.Q. Brady,

Wilbur Blount,        Wm. Wolford,

Joseph Harris,         J.J. Pennypacker,

Elmer Horton,         E.B. Ball,

George Taylor,       John Butler,

As far as possible all of these gentlemen have been seen and have consented to serve. Those not seen it is hoped will serve and all of them will report promptly at 7:30 o’clock and take seats on the stage where chairs will be provided thus giving more room in the main body of the hall which will doubtless be filled overflowing.


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