Bottle Trust Formed

Officers include people from Whitall Tatum & Company and Brookfield Glass Company

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record

New York, NY, United States
vol. 34, no. 9, p. 268, col. 1-3


Twelve Million Dollars Capital.



Names of the Officers.

According to Edward P. Cragin, a "promoter" for this city, arrangements have been completed for the organization of a company, with a capitalization of $12,000,000, to absorb the principal bottle-glass manufactories of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and practically control the market in this line. The company will be incorporated within a few days in New Jersey, and its headquarters and principal selling agency will be established in this city.

The new concern will be known as the National Glass Company, and its objects will be to manufacture all kinds of glass bottles, electrical glass goods, and fruit jars, and to deal in druggists' sundries. The officers of the company will be: President - Charles A. Tatum of Whitall, Tatum & Co.; vice-president William Brookfield of the Brookfield Glass Company; temporary treasurer Richard Delafield, vice-president of the National Park Bank; secretary John Whitall of Whitall, Tatum & Co. Besides the officers the Board of Directors will include the following: John Moore, Clayton, N.J.; C. W. Shoemaker, Bridgeton, N.J.; John V. Craven, Salem, N.J.; Richard M. More, Bridgeton, N.J.; F. Fox, Philadelphia; A. Garwood, Williamstown, N.J.; George Jonas, Minotota, N.J.

The concerns which thus far have entered the combination are, accordinig to Mr. Cragin: Whitall, Tatum & Co., New York and Philadelphia; Brookfield Glass Company, Brooklyn; Moore Brothers' Glass Works, Clayton, N.J.; Cumberland Glass Works, Bridgeton, N.J.; Salem Glass Works, Salem, N.J.; H. C. Fox & Sons, Philadelphia; Bodine Glass Works, Williamstown, N.J.; More-Jonas Glass Works, Bridgeton, N.J.; George Jonas & Co., Minotota, N.J.; F. M. Pierce & Co., Elmer, N.J.; Standard Glass Works, Philadelphia; Lockport Glass Works, Lockport, N.Y.; S. M. Bassett & Co., Elmer, N.J.; T. C. Wheaton & Co., Millville, N.J.; Jeffries Glass Works, Rochester, Penn. and Fairton, N.J.; East Stroudsburg Glass Works, East Stroudsburg, Penn.


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