Glass factories close; Hemingray listed


Publication: The Daily Inter Ocean

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 20, no. 304, p. 5, col. 2


Overproduction and Unsatisfactory Freight

Rates Cause the Shut-down.


PITTSBURG, Pa., Jan. 21. --Special Telegram. Ten flint-glass houses were shut down to-day owing to an overproduction and the inability to make a satisfactory agreement on freight rates. Eleven or twelve more, all of which are affiliated with the


are expected to put put their fires by Saturday. The shut-down is for an indefinite period, and throws 2,500 men out of employment.

Although the fact was not generally known, the decision to suspend operations was arrived at some time ago, and the announcement to-day created great surprise in labor circles in and around Pittsburg.

A list of factories in the district which either have already closed or will do so by Saturday, is as follows: Alton Glass Company, Alton, Ill., 42 pots; Ottawa Company, 13 pots; Chicago Glass Company, 24 pots; Streator, Ill., 14 pots; Anderson, Ind., 12 pots; Hemingray Company, Muncie, Ind., 28 pots; Peru, Ind., 6 pots; Muncie Glass Company, 21 pots; Marion, Ind., 21 pots; Pennsylvania Company, Anderson, Ind., 12 pots; Queen City Glass Company, Cumberland, Md., 24 pots; East St. Louis Company, 14 pots; Buckeye Glass Company, Bowling Green, Ohio, 10 pots; Bellaire Glass Company, 13 pots; Sumner Glass Company, Steubenville, Ohio, 22 pots; George W. Kerns & Co., Zanesville, Ohio, 12 pots; Kerns, Gorsuch & Co., 12 pots; Agnew & Co., Hulton, Pa., 12 pots, California Glass Company, California, Pa., 10 pots; Everett Company, Everett, Pa., 9 pots; C. L. Flaccus, Tarentum, 40 pots; J. T. & A. Hamilton, Pittsburg, 43 pots; W. H. Hamilton & Co., Pittsburg, 30 pots; William McCulley & Co., 20 pots; Point Bottle Works, 12 pots; Libby Bros., Sharpsburg, 30 pots; West Pennsylvania Company, Blairsville, 16 pots; Thomas Wightman Company, Parker, 10 pots; Wormsen [sic] Wormser Co., 10 pots; Washington Glass Company, 14 pots; Leesdale Company, 10 pots; Saltsburg Company, 10 pots; Lazearville Company, Lazearville, W. Va., 13 pots; North Wheeling Company, Wheeling, W. Va., 13 pots; Hancock Glass Company, 14 pot; Buena Vista, 12, and Huntington Glass Company, Huntington, W. Va., 12 pots.


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