Manufacturers will reduce output as a result of War Industries Board meeting

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 88, no. 14, p. 19, col. 1-2

Pittsburgh and Vicinity


Table glass manufacturers will follow the lead of the potters in reducing their present lines, and also will henceforth refrain from making new molds or placing any new items on the market for the duration of the war. Such was their decision following the conference with the War Industries Board at Washington and special meetings held here last week after the joint wage conference. Some lines are to be eliminated, and there is to be a standardization of others. There will be no restriction on materials in stock or goods in course of manufacture. The cutting down of lines does not apply to export business. The Government is to be immediately furnished with a list of glass manufacturers in each different line, this information to be forwarded by the chairman of the committee in charge of a particular branch of the trade. The various committees are as follows:

PRESSED AND BLOWN GLASSWARE FOR TABLE USE. - A. H. Heisey, W. A. B. Dalzell, Arthur J. Bennett (chairman) H. L. Heinzleman, Marion G. Bryce. (W. E. Hunter, of the Economy Tumbler Co., is secretary of this committee.)

PACKERS' GLASSWARE. - James Beatty, Joseph Brady, Frank Merry, Reuben Haley, Harry Heinzleman.

LANTERN GLOBES AND LAMP CHIMNEYS. - A representative of the Macbeth-Evans Glass Co., John Beiswanger, Mr. Jones, of Bridgport [sic] Bridgeport, W. Va.; C. M. Rodefer, D. C. Jenkins.

CHEMICAL GLASSWARE. - Ralph Barber, a representative of the Corning Glass Co., Howard Fry, a representative of the Whitall-Tatum Co., Mr. Krodell, of the DeMuth Glass Co.

Harry A. Ross, manager of the Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co., was thrown from a street car here recently and severely injured. Several stitches were necessary in his right knee, and his arms were badly bruised. He is confined to his home.

ILLUMINATING GLASS. - Marshall W. Gleason, chairman; Thomas Howard, Charles H. Blumenauer, I. J. Collins, James Lewis, secretary.


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