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Publication: Daily Evening Bulletin

San Francisco, CA, United States
col. 7


THE CALIFORNIA ELECTRICAL WORKS make a splendid exhibit which attracts the attention of all visitors at the Pavilion. But especially challenges the admiration of all who have a scientific tendency, and who delight in the practical inventions which utilize that mighty agent, Electricity, and make it obedient to the behests of mankind. There are many points of exceptional interests in this exhibit, to which we purpose to call attention from time to time, but what we first desire to notice is the ELECTRICAL CLOCK, which stands there ticking out its marvels, and proclaiming itself the nearest exponent of perpetual motion that scientific skill has yet achieved. It is what may be termed a Gravity Escapement Clock; it never requires winding up, and can run on for eighteen months without the slightest effort. Think of locking up your house and traveling round the world, and coming back to find the old clock jogging on as usual! Besides, this wonderful clock has an impetus sufficient to keep any number of clocks in motion—all that is necessary being an electrical connection with the dial-plate of whatever number is desired throughout the building. For it must be borne in mind that these dial-plates have no works behind them, but like many other beauties, need nothing but their faces to advertise their claims to distinction. We understand that the credit of this invention belongs to Mr. S. D. Field, the Secretary of the Electrical Works, who also invented the District Telegraph Boxes, so complete and ingenious in their construction as to invite active piracy on the patent all over the country. The California Electrical Works are the pride of our State. Men of enterprise, scientific attainment, and large capital are interested in carrying forward the works. It is well understood that the progress of manufacturers in many of its departments, and the general prosperity of the country, is intimately connected with and dependent upon the progress made in these kind of experimental sciences. And to the patient investigations and experiments of scientific men, who peer into the secrets of Nature, are we largely indebted for the progress and development of our country; and upon such men, and such enterprises must we principally rely, as we may do with confidence, for the discovery of new sources of wealth, new schemes of protection, new plans of utility, that at a future day will give employment of thousands of human beings, and insure the well-being and protection of millions more. To verify what is above stated, one has only to carefully examine the protective apparatus and scientific and experimental instruments of the California Electric Works now on exhibition at the Pavilion. This company is represented by George S. Ladd, President; S.D. Field, Secretary, and J. Herz, Manager. Their office and works are at No. 134 Sutter street.




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