Pavilion Notes; CEW display

Paul Seiler


Publication: Daily Evening Bulletin

San Francisco, CA, United States
col. 8


TO THOSE INTERESTED IN SCIENTIFIC INVENTIONS there is no exhibit at the Pavilion more attractive and satisfactory then that of the California Electrical Works. It embraces everything in the line of electrical apparatus, telegraph supplies, together with almost every variety of scientific and experimental instruments. The Fire Alarm Gong, which responds with such irrepressible emphasis to the first hint of danger from fire, is the invention of Mr. P. Seiler, the skilled mechanician of the Company. We examined with much interest the Improved Battery on exhibition. Electricity has come to be recognized as such an important health agency, as to make this feature of the display a very significant one. These Direct Current Batteries, of which the one to which we refer is a fair sample, are the best in use. They require no renewal for years, and are always ready for service. In most instances in which electricity is applied to restorative and remedial purposes, the violent shock is not what is required, but the effective and continuous action of the galvanic current. And this is exactly what is secured by the Improved Direct Current Batteries manufactured by the California Electrical Works. They are in large demand, and give universal satisfaction wherever they are used. The one on exhibition, has 18 cells, and is gentle, yet efficient in its results. An hour spent in the examination of this fine display, would be one of instructive interest to all visitors at the fair, but especially so to those of scientific tastes and tendencies.


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