City Hall Commission; CEW & EC&M bid for clock system


Publication: Daily Evening Bulletin

San Francisco, CA, United States


All the Bids for Plate Glass Rejected and Returned Unopened -Protest against Electrical Clocks.


The agent of H. Wenzel's pneumatic clocks appeared before the commission and submitted a written argument in favor of clocks of this description, taking the position that they were superior to electric time pieces.

Mr. Wenzel exhibited a model of the clock and read certificates from the proprietors of the Baldwin Hotel, the owners of the Nevada Bank and others, testifying to the accuracy and superiority of the pneumatic clocks as time keepers. In the Baldwin Hotel there are sixty-five of these clocks and in the Nevada Block forty-two.

Geo. S. Ladd, representing the Electrical Construction Company, addressed the Commission in favor of the electrical clock. He said the clocks which he offered to furbish were used in Europe and America -they were simple, inexpensive and durable, there was no strain on the wires, as they simply had to carry the electric current, and ought to last as long as the building. The wires were protected by a heavy coat of gutta percha insulation, and other shields. The clocks are in use at the Palace Hotel and Napa Insane Asylum.

Mr. Hatherton, the architect, said if the bids were rejected it would delay the plastering work, the wires ought to be going in now.

The commissioners decided to open the bids for pneumatic as well as those for electrical clocks.

The following bids on the carious classes were opened and read:



For sixty-three electrical clocks:

Oscar H. Levy, $6,875.

California Electrical Works, $3,460.

Herman J. Wenzel, $4,100.





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