Stockholders meeting of Lyndeboro Glass Company was held on Wednesday


Publication: Lowell Daily Citizen & News

Lowell, MA, United States
vol. 18, no. 3576, p. 2, col. 4


LYNDEBORO' GLASS COMPANY. A meeting of the stockholders of the company was held at the Indian Head House, Nashua, on Wednesday. Vacancies in the list of officers were filled, the government now being as follows: Directors, John A. Goodwin, (President), H. M. Hooke, Josiah Gates and Daniel Holt of Lowell, and G. Spaulding of Lyndeboro'. Treasurer and Clerk, T. T. Putnam of Lyndeboro'. Selling Agent, J. D. Putnam of Lowell. Committee on Financial affairs, Alden B. Buttrick, E. B. Patch and J. A. Goodwin, all of Lowell. Resolutions in favor of an early resumption of business were adopted. The net indebtedness of the company was shown to be about $5000, and the real estate worth $40,000.


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