Bay State Glass Company Lawsuit


Publication: Boston Daily Advertiser

Boston, MA, United States

Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Superior Court, April Term, A.D. 1866.

The Bay State Glass Company, a corporation duly established by law of this Commonwealth, doing business in Boston, in said county of Suffolk, Piff, --- Langley, --- Vandike, and ---, formerly copartners, having their place of business in New York City, under the name of Langley, Vandike & Co. Delts, Alvin Rogers, C.A. Rogers & G.E. Rogers, copartners, and having their usual place of business in Boston, and said County of Suffolk, supposed Trustees.

This is an action of contract to recover one thousand dollars, alleged to be due to the plaintiff from the defendants on the first day of February, A.D. 1866, as set forth in the plaintiff's writ of that date.

And it appearing to the Court by the suggestion of the plaintiff and on inspection of the other's return on the plaintiff's writ, that the defendants were not inhabitants of this Commonwealth nor were resident therein at the time of the service of said writ, and that they have no last and usual place of abode, tenant, agent or attorney in this Commonwealth known to the plaintiff or to said officer; and that no personal service of said writ has been made upon the defendants.

It is ordered by the court, here. That the plaintiff give notice to the defendants of the pendency of this action, and to appear before said court to be held at Boston, within and for said County of Suffolk, on the first Tuesday of July next, to answer to the same by causing an attested copy of this order to be published in the Boston Daily Advertiser, a newspaper printed in Boston, once in a week, three weeks successively, and the last publication to be at least fourteen days before the said first Tuesday of July; and that this action be continued to the next term of this court, and so from term to term, until notice shall be given to the defendants agreeably to this order.



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