Valverde Glass Works displayed in parade


Publication: Rocky Mountain News

Denver, CO, United States


Colorado on the Eve of Her Majority Does Homage to the Men and Women Who Assisted in Upraising a Great Commonwealth in the Then Unexplored West.

Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico and Nebraska Extend Sisterly Greetings Through Hundreds of Admiring Visitors.

Beauties of Which Carnival Week is Capable Began to Unfold Themselves Before a Thoroughly Dazzled Populace.

The Enterprise of Public Spirited Citizens is Attested on All Sides.

Ragged Lines of First Efforts Obliterated in a Masterly Conception.

Au Revoiróbut not good bye to the Pageant of Progress with its pioneers and Indians, beautiful queen and maids of honor, variegated floats and the monster Chinese Dragon.

The first day of the Festival of Mountain and Plain closed with the strains of twenty bands and the discord of 2,000 horns. The people of the whole state participated in the opening of the carnival and stood spell-bound while the great pageant passed before them. The sight was beyond expectation. The great event of the afternoon, the parade, was witnessed by 100,000 people of Denver and 50,000 from beyond the city's borders.

The Valverde Glass Works followed this display with an exhibition of various kinds of glassware, the wagon being handsomely decorated.


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