Insulator department asking for 25% raise for gatherers and pressers

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 91, no. 22, p. 12, col. 1-2


DEMANDS for increases in wages ranging from 20 to 50 per cent have been made by glassworkers to their employers. Every department is concerned. In the pressed ware department 83 demands are listed. One of these is for a reduction of 20 per cent in all moves. Another announced from this department, but to be considered as a proposition in all departments, reads:

"That the manufacturers deduct the trade assessments from the earnings of each union employee every pay-day, make duplicate copies of assessment sheets containing names of each employee, together with the amount of money earned and deducted, forward a copy of same to the National Secretary, and supply the local union secretary with a copy."

In the cutting department 22 propositions have been announced. One asks for an advance of 30 per cent in wages on both day and piece work.

Thirty-six demands have been received from the chimney department, and one reads: "The wages of chimney workers to be advanced 50 per cent, this to apply to offhand, paste mold and machine-made chimneys."

There are 44 demands made in the punch tumbler and stemware department, practically all of which refer to a change in moves or an increased wage.

From the electric bulb department 23 demands have been received, one of which asks that "a general increase of 25 per cent be given the bulb blower and an increase of 35 per cent be given the bulb gatherer.

In the 8 demands from the mold-making department, one asks that the wages of mold-makers be increased 25 per cent.

An increase of 35 per cent is asked by the paste mold department, which presents 32 demands to the manufacturers.

In the 63 demands presented by the caster place department an increase of 25 per cent is asked on oven ware and a 35 per cent increase to the workers in the paste mold blank department.

Thirty-six propositions have been delivered by the iron mold department, and a general advance of 35 per cent is sought.

The first of the 7 demands from the shade and globe department reads: "The wages in the shade and globe department to be increased 25 per cent."

In the 25 demands presented by the machine press ware department, reduction in moves is asked, also varying increases according to items listed.

One of two propositions from the insulator department asks that an increase of 25 per cent be granted gatherers and pressers.

Ad advance of 50 per cent is sought by the engraving department, which has formulated 6 demands.

From the lamp-working department 48 demands have been received. On many items an advance of 30 per cent is asked.

"All items in press prescription list to be advanced 20 per cent" reads one of the 10 demands made by this department.

The annual convention of the workers will be held in the Atlantic City High School Auditorium this year, commencing July 5, and will likely continue two weeks.

The annual meeting of the National Association of Pressed and Blown Glassware Manufacturers will be held on the morning of July 19.

Wage conferences between committees representing the workers and the manufacturers will begin in the Marlborough-Blenheim hotel at Atlantic City, Jul 21.


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