Fry band plays for cut glass guests at Lake Chautauqua

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Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 90, no. 2, p. 20, col. 1-2



AS the guests of Henry C. Fry, of Rochester, Pa., the members of the National Association of Cut Glass Manufacturers, together with their wives, flocked to Point Chatauqua, N. Y., his summer home, for the semi-annual meeting of the organization.

The afternoon of July 2 brought Thos. Shotton. of the Shotton Cut Glass Works; Louis Staner and Tony Engelke of the Crystolon Cut Glass Co.; the Misses Marie and Catherine Becker, daughters of Charles Becker; Victor Britbois, of the Brisbois Cut Glass Co.; Mr. and Mrs. Boyle; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kiefer and son; Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Halton and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Halter and son; Mr. and Mrs. Freese and daughter; Mrs. Elizabeth Kiefer, Mrs. Hoffman and and Miss Loretta Jenson, all of Brooklyn, N. Y.; C. H. Taylor, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Mayer. Port Jervis, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Murphy, Hawley, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Fender, Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Skinner and sons, Hammodton, N. J.

The celebrated band of the H. C Fry Glass Co., twenty-eight pieces, with two noted singers, were promptly on hand and enlivened the first day's activities.

In the morning of the 3d there was a flag raising to the accompaniment of "The Star Spangled Banner" by the band, and at 10:30 Mr. Fry in a few well chosen words made the guests a very cordial welcome, tendering them the keys of Point Chatauqua, to go where they pleased and to do what they pleased.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and Miss Mary Krebs, of Corning, N. Y., arrived at this time, and a little later came Mr. and Mrs. Thos. P. Strittmatter with their two children; John J. McKanna and daughters; Mr. and Mrs. R. A. May, Montreal; Mr. and Mrs. Morris, Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Davis and children, Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Skillman Fry; Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ambrose; D. W. Denton, wife and daughter; E. F. Megel; Major Harry C. Fry, wife and son; Lieut. Kenneth G. Fry; Mrs. Jos. Eckins; Mr. and Mrs. John Eakon all of Rochester, Pa.

The business meeting began at 2:30 with G. Wm. Sell in the chair and C. H. Taylor secretary. Geo. Greer, a director and large stockholder in the H. C. Fry Glass Co., delivered an able address on the advantage and desirability of high quality cut glass, and the organization took steps toward adopting an Association trade mark for use by the members on the best quality lead cut articles. The average increase in cost of production during the past two years was estimated at seventy per cent, and the increased cost of production since January 1, 1919, was figured at thirty-one per cent.

The boat ride arranged by Mr. Fry for his guests on Lake Chatauqua was much enjoyed.

Swimming was indulged in during the afternoon of the Fourth, and in the evening a beautifnl display of fireworks ended the programme of entertainment.

Mr. Fry, the most genial of hosts, established himself still more firmly in the hearts of his guests. No one can ever forget his kindness in providing so delightful a vacation.


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