[Ad] Fruit Jars, Carboys, Wines, etc..


Publication: Boston Daily Advertiser

Boston, MA, United States

Lyndeboro' Glass Co.

This Company manufacture from Quartz rock green and amber glass of extraordinary strength and brilliancy. They offer for sale the following Ware of their own manufacture:--

500 gross celebrated HERO FRUIT JARS.

100   "   plain MINERALS.

5000 CARBOYS, warranted No. 1, size 10 and 12 galls.

2000 DEMIJOHNS, sizes 1 qt. To 5 galls.

300 gross 5s AMBER WINES.

200    "     6s       "           "

300    "     pint and half pint AMBER FLASKS.

All kinds of * Hollow Glass Ware * manufactured to order. Particular attention paid to private moulds. Send for Price List and Circular. Address:


South Lyndeboro', N.H.


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