Ohio Valley Glass Company destroyed by fire

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Pottery & Glassware Reporter

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 12, col. 2


A dispatch dated Bridgeport, Ohio. April, 2, says: The Ohio Valley Glass Company's factory at the upper end of Bridgeport was totally destroyed by fire yesterday for the second time in two years involving a loss of $12,000 to $14,000, which is fully covered by insurance. Fortunately the two warehouses, which stood near by and were well filled with goods, were saved. The factory building was frame, and being dry burned very rapidly. About seventy-five men are thrown out of employment. The works are to be rebuilt at once. The line of goods manuafactured were beer bottles and green glass ware generally, such as telegraph insulators, etc. It was the only glass works on the other side of the river not idle be reason of strike. The company will fill orders and continue business as usual.


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Researcher notes:This company is not to be confused with the company that manufactured insulators in Pleasant City, Ohio.
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