Barbour patented insulator


Publication: Bangor Daily Whig and Courier

Bangor, ME, United States
vol. 64, no. 271, p. 3, col. 7


Mr. Wellington Barbour, of Bar Harbor, has recently been granted a patent on an electrical insulator. Mr. Barbour is concerned with the New England Telegraph and Telephone Co., and is well versed in everything pertaining to the business. He firmly believes he has got a good thing in his insulator, and he means to push it along. The glass insulators at present in use have one great defect they are easily broken. These insulators in themselves are not a large item to any telephone or telegraph company's expense account, for they are not very expensive. But the labor and time expended in replacing them when broken amounts to a great deal, while the delay incidental to the breakage may be very costly. Mr. Barbour claims that his new insulator is infrangible, while its insulating properties are as perfect as the others. A rifle ball fired at close range will not break it. Should his invention be all that he claims it is, Mr. Barbour has a bonanza.


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Supplemental information: Patent: 592,505
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