The Pacific Telegraph Company organized


Publication: The Daily Telegraph

Omaha, NE, United States
vol. 1, no. 119, p. 2, col. 2


The war feeling is on the increase. Nearly 2000 men are being drilled nightly, as a Home Union Guard, and probably as many more enrolled and being filled for the service of the Governor.

The Pacific telegraph company was organized at Rochester, N. Y., yesterday, and the following persons elected Directors:

Hiram Sibley, Isaac Butts, Jeptha H. Wade, Isaac R. Elwood, Chas. M. Stebbins, Thomas B. Walker, John H. Berryhill, Ed. Creighton, Samuel L. Seldon, Theodore Adams, Jno. H. Harmon, Benj. F. Ficklin, Albert W. Bee, James S. Graham, Joseph Medberry.

At the meeting of the Directors Jeptha H. Wade was elected President; Hiram Sibley, Vice President, and Isaac R. Elwood, Sec'y and Treasurer.

Active measures will be taken to insure the completion of the line to San Francisco this year, the co-operation of the California company having been secured to extend their line eastward.


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