Suit results in closing of Novelty


Publication: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia, PA, United States
vol. 149, no. 166, p. 3, col. 7-8


Suit Results in Closing Down of

Novelty Glass Works


Special to The Inquirer.

ELMER, N. J., Dec. 12. At the suit of the Cumberland Trust Company, of Bridgeton, trustees for the bondholders, the Novelty Glass Works of this place have been closed. This is to be regretted, as the plant has employed a large force of night and day hands, paid all the wages, and good at that, in cash, and has been one of the best industries ever operated here. Parker Brothers, of Bridgeton, have run the plant for three years, but it is understood that the firm has purchased another factory and may resume again.

Shortly after the firm started here with machines for making insulators the Brookfield Company, of Brooklyn, N. Y., entered suit, claiming that the machines used were an infringement on the Brookfield machines. The matter has been in the courts all this time, and has now been settled against the Novelty Company.

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