Novelty workers get paid for Christmas


Publication: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia, PA, United States
vol. 149, no. 174, p. 3, col. 6


Glass Works Settle With Hands.

New Plant to Start Up


Special to The Inquirer.

ELMER, N .J., Dec. 20. The hands of the Novelty Glass Works were paid off in full last night, and while the men had no fear that they would get the money owing to them, there was a probability that it might not come until after the holidays.

The plant has been closed two weeks on account of a law suit, and the wages have been tied up. While the firm is practically dissolved, the business will be continued as soon as the factory at the lower end of the town, recently purchased by Jonathan W. Parker, of Bridgeton, can be put in readiness. The new plant has orders for all the insulators it can make for the next two years.

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