East Liverpool potteries to resume operation after Christmas holidays


Publication: The Trenton Evening Times

Trenton, NJ, United States
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Outlook Bright for Busy Time

Until the Unsual Summer



EAST LIVERPOOL, OHIO, Jan 13 - A general resumption of work in the potteries of East Liverpool and vicinity is promised for next week. That this will be good news to the working classes is little doubted. Most of the plants have been idle since before the holidays during which interval the employes have hardly performed a stroke of work. The resumption also means much to the city in a business way, as with all the potteries in operation a decided increase in trade is sure to be noted.

Once in operation if is thought that there will hardly be a shut down until the regular mid-summer "loaf" next July. During the past week there has also placed heavy orders with the city than during any time in the last two years. Nearly every one of them have also placed heavy orders with the local manufacturers, thus insuring a lengthy period of work. In addition the stock in the local plants at the present time is decidedly low which alone will necessitate much work.

The plants in operation at the present time are Burford Bros, 6 kilns, 10 employes, Anderson Porcelain company, 6 kilns 110 employes, Homer Laughlin China Company, East End plant, resumed last Tuesday, 14 kilns, 250 employes, C. C. Thompson, 16 kilns, 300 employes, Edwin M. Knowles China Company, Chester, W. Va., 7 kilns, 165 employes, Homer Laughlin China Company, Newall, W. Va., 30 kilns, 800 employes, Standard, 6 kilns, 150 employes, McNicol's resumed yesterday, 10 kilns, 250 employes, Cartwrights, 7 kilns, 175 employes, clay shops are loafing while repairs are being made to boilers, R. Thomas & Sons, 12 kilns, 300 employes; National China Company, 7 kilns, 160 employes, Ohio Porcelain Company, 2 kilns, 20 employes, G. F. Brunt Porcelain Company resumed today, 7 kilns, 115 employes, Golding Flint mill, 15 employes.

The plants to resume next Monday are Goodwin's plant West End pottery, 6 kilns, 125 employes; East End China Company, 5 kilns, 75 employes; William Brunt Pottery Company, 7 kilns, 150 employes, decorating department now in operation, Harker's 7 kilns, 150 employes, Hall China Company, 5 kilns, 100 employes; Potters' Supply, 5 kilns, 60 employes, Smith-Phillips China Company, 6 kilns, 105 employes, Voldrey Pottery Company 6 kilns, 150 employes, Taylor, Smith & Taylor, Chester, W. Va., 10 kilns, 250 employes.

The plants that will resume some time within the next two weeks, are Severs China Company, 6 kilns, 110 employes will probably resume Monday, January 165, Croxall Pottery Company, 2 kilns, 20 employes, time indefinite, Knowles, Taylor & Knowles, 32 kilns, 800 employes, decorating shop already in operation, will probably resume in full some time next week, Electric Porcelain Company, 3 standard and 7 double kilns, 250 employes, will resume in full about middle of week; Potters' Co-operative, or Dresden, 7.

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