Cook Pottery Company takes possession of the Ford City Pottery at Ford City, PA


Publication: The Trenton Evening Times

Trenton, NJ, United States
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Local Company Needs Make

Case for Increasing

Trade in West



Ford City Pottery, at Ford City, Pa.,

Is the Plant Acquired In One of

the Largest and Best Equipped

in the West Will Em-

ploy 1,500 Hands.


To better take care of the rapidly increasing Western trade of the Cook Pottery Company, Charles Howell Cook of this city in conjunction with the Colonial Trust Company of Pittsburg, has obtained possession of the Ford City Pottery at Ford City, Pa., one mile from Kittanning. This is in accordance with the agreement entered into a year ago with the Trust Company, which is one of the largest banking institutions in the world and Mr. Cook to take both the Ford City Pottery and the Pennsylvania China Company in the same vicinity. The China Company has been in successful operation a year, but the Ford City Pottery was tied up in the courts since that time and no decision was rendered in the case until Monday.

The Eastern trade of the Cook Company is sufficient to take all the pottery that can be produced at the two local plants of the company, and it is not the intention to curtail the output of the Trenton shops in the least. It is probable that some local men will be sent to Ford City to assume direction of the new plant which is being made ready for immediate opening.


The Ford City Plant is one of the largest in the West, having 17 kilns. It is equipped with the very latest machinery in every respect and one of its advantages is a natural gas plant. This gas will replace coal used in the local manufactories. The gas privileges extend over 5,000 acres of land. In addition to this there are mines nearby with copious supplies of coal.

The shops will employ 1,500 hands. All the buildings are new, having been constructed four years ago by Wicke & Ford, but the company failed soon after. Adjoining the pottery yard is the Ford plate glass works, the largest plant of its kind in the world.

The Daily Times has it from unquestionable authority that just as soon as the Ford China Pottery can be put in proper shape it will be put in full operation.

The work of getting everything in readiness will commence tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and it will be a hustle from the start.

The lower pottery will be under the same management as the one at Wickboro known best as the Pennsylvania China Company.

"This is absolutely authentic, and is the best piece of real news we have given this community for a long time, for it means steady employment at good wages for an array of people."

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