Lauffen-Frankfort Plant completed with double fluid insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegraphic Journal and Electrical Review

London, England
vol. 29, no. 717, p. 227, col. 1

Completion of the Lauffen- Frankfort Plant. On Saturday last week, Messrs. Siemens and Halske and the Oerlikon Engineering Works fulfilled their obligations in regard to the projected electrical transmission of 300 H.P. from Lauffen to Frankfort. Our readers will remember that these firms undertook to have ready for working by August 15th the whole of the plant, both at Lauffen and at Frankfort, and a heavy fine was to be imposed if the installation was not completed by that date. On Saturday the plant was handed over to the Exhibition Committee, and it is this week being tested by Government officials, and it is expected to be formally started next week. The copper wire, weighing Go tons, was supplied by Messrs. Hesse and Sons, and the double fluid insulators come from Messrs. Wingenroth, of Mannheim; to fill these, 1,600 lbs. of oil will be necessary. The eyes and minds of the electrical world will now be directed to this gigantic experiment, which, it is to be hoped, will turn out successfully. The German Imperial Chancellor takes threat interest in this exhibit, and he has ordered special reports to be made upon the tests with this method of power transmission. In all probability a special commission will be appointed by the Chancellor under the presidency of Mr. von Helmholtz, who has requested Dr. Lowenherz, Dr. Lammer and Dr. Brodhun to assist him. Prof. Dietrich, of Stuttgart, and Prof. Weber, of Zurich, are already busy with preparations for tests on behalf of the scientific committee appointed by the Exhibition authorities.


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