E. B. Elliott receives bronze medal for his White Flint Telegraphic Insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Seventh Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association

Boston, MA, United States

12. E. B. ELLIOTT, Boston. White Flint Telegraphic Insulators. In the opinion of the Committee, who predicate their judgment partly upon examination, and partly upon reliable testimony, this article has the following merits. It has a great degree of strength, arising from its form, mass, and composition, the ingredients being Flint, Feldspur, and Quartz, principally Flint; insulating properties equal to those of the best glass, and superior to those of some kinds of glass; corrugations in the interior, to secure an insulating ring in case of deposition of moisture; imperviousness to water, probable security against the ill effects of exposure to the weather; and superior cheapness. The last item is of no inconsiderable importance in an article for which there is a great demand. Bronze Medal.


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Researcher notes:There was reference to a Bronze Award for Elliott in 1853. The number (12) and wording is identical, but the date of the reference books have been correctly recorded.
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