List of early electrical porcelain manufacturers


Publication: History of the Clay-Working Industry in The United States

New York, NY, United States
vol. 1, p. 52-53

The manufacture of electrical porcelain is a comparatively young branch of the pottery industry, which began first with the production of various pieces for low-voltage work, but subsequently developed switch blocks, insulators, etc., for the high-tension currents. The clays used are largely of the higher grades. Works are in operation in Ohio, New York, Indiana, New Jersey, etc. The first factory appears to have been that of R. Thomas & Sons of East Liverpool, established in 1884.

Others were as follows:


1890. Pass & Seymour, Syracuse, N. Y.

1890. Union Porcelain Works, Brooklyn, N. Y.

1891. Imperial Porcelain Works, Trenton, N. J.

1891. G. F. Brunt Porcelain Company, East Liverpool, Ohio.

1895. Lock Insulator Company, Victor, N. Y.

1896. Akron Smoking Pipe Company, Mogadore, Ohio.

1899. Star Porcelain Company, Trenton, N. J.

1902. Anderson Porcelain Company, East Liverpool, Ohio.

1902. Hartford Faience Company, Hartford, Conn.

1902. New Lexington High Voltage Porcelain Company, New Lexington, Ohio.

1903. Electrical Porcelain Company, Trenton, N. J.

1904. Adamant Porcelain Company, Ltd., Broadway, Va.

1905. Adamant Porcelain Company, Ltd., Harrisonburg, Va.

1906. United States Electric Porcelain Company, Findlay, Ohio.

General Electric Company, Schenectady, N. Y.

Colonial Sign and Insulator Company, Akron, Ohio.


In spite of the tremendous growth of the pottery industry in the United States there is very little high-grade porcelain made, most of that bought being of foreign make.


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