Electrical porcelain companies in Ohio and year they started (BOOK)


[Trade Journal]

Publication: History of the Clay-Working Industry in The United States

New York, NY, United States
vol. 1, p. 192

Electrical Porcelain. This product has been referred to under pottery, but should perhaps receive separate consideration, even though the mention be brief. The following works are engaged in this branch of manufacture, and where it has been possible to obtain them, the dates of their establishment are given.


1884. R. Thomas & Sons, East Liverpool.

1891. G. F. Brunt Porcelain Company, East Liverpool.

1896. Akron Smoking Pipe Company, Mogadore. This company originally manufactured clay pipes.

1902. Anderson Porcelain Company, East Liverpool. New Lexington High Voltage Porcelain Company, New Lexington. Colonial Sign and Insulator Company, Akron, Ohio.

1906. United States Electric Porcelain Company, Findlay. This plant was formerly operated by the Bell Pottery Company in the manufacture of white ware.


Keywords:R. Thomas & Sons Company : G. F. Brunt Porcelain Company : Akron Smoking Pipe Company : Anderson Porcelain Company : New Lexington High Voltage Porcelain Company : Colonial Sign & Insulator Company
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