Will of Martin Kalbfleisch


Publication: The New York Times

New York, NY, United States

Will of the Late Ex-Mayor Kalbfleisch,

of Brooklyn.


The will of the late Martin Kalbfleisch, dated Jan. 18, 1873, disposes of a large amount of property among his nine children as follows: Mrs. E. W. Robinson, daughter, the sum of $74,000; the house and lot on Pacific-street, where she now resides, worth $12,000, with a release of a debt of $14,000, due the testator from the husband of the said Elizabeth; to Frederick W. Kalbfleisch, son, the sum of $100,000, less $23,000 worth of bonds and about $35,000 of indorsement and liabilities for said son; to his daughter, Helen M. Thursby, the house and lot on South Fourth-street, worth $8,000, and $92,000 in cash; to his son, Edward L. G. Kalbfleisch the sum of $50,000; to sons. Charles H. Albert M., and Franklin H. S. Kalbfleisch, the store now occupied by them on Fulton street, at the corner of Cliff street, New York, and the store on Cliff street, subject to a lien of $113,000, to be secured by bond and mortgage, for the payment of the other legacies; to F. H. Kalbfleisch, also, the house and lot on Portland avenue, where he now resides, subject to the payment of $15,000 to the executors; to his daughter, Josephine M. Fleet, the house and grounds on Bushwich avenue with all the personal property attached thereto, valued in all at about $60,000; to his daughter, Isabella S. Weaver, the sum or $75,000, the condition of all these legacies being that the heirs shall have the use of the legacies during their lives, and that it shall descend to their heirs as though the same had belonged to them absolutely, and they bad died intestate. In a codicil dated Feb. 4, 1873, the legacy or Edward L. G. Kalbfleisch is decreased from $75,000 to 50,000, the amount previously stated. The executors are Charles H., Albert M. and Franklin H. K. Kalbfleisch. All the remainder of the property above the legacies, real, personal, and mixed, is directed to be divided equally among all the children of the testator.


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Researcher notes:Martin Kalbfleisch's glass house was taken over by James and William Brookfield.
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