Fry's oven glass scores a hit

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Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 95, no. 4, p. 24,30, col. 2,2

Oven Glass in Pearl Scores a Hit

Since the introduction of Fry's oven glass the sanitary, economical and splendid baking qualities of transparent dishes, combined with their crystal beauty, has won for this dependable product a Nation-wide popularity. Women who are particular have found a great deal of satisfaction in using Fry's oven glass, which not only retains the full flavor of the food but because the food, well cooked, could be daintily served in the same glass dish, and dish washing was made easier as particles of food does not stick to the highly polislied glass surface. Transparent glass made a big hit with American housewives but the new pearl glass which has been recently introduced in the local market and now on display at the showroom of Frederick Skelton, 200 Fifth Ave., New York, representatives of the H. C. Fry Glass Co., has been accorded such a favorable reception that it has already outsold the clear glass line. And the newcomer is incontestably a very attractive proposition. Of a pearly translucency, possessing much of the changing tints found in the opal, this new glass not only combines all the durability of the transparent heat resisting dishes but makes a big forward stride toward the artistic. The line includes a very full range of different numbers and sizes, round oval and square bakers, casseroles in circular and oval, shapes, bean pots, bread biscuit and cake trays, pudding, measuring cups, etc., in fact over fifty items, "a dish for every oven use." The outstanding number in the new pearl glass is the all glass percolator. It it made entirely of heat-resisting glass without metal or wood. The handle, which is made as an integral part of the percolator, is insulated by a special hollow tube which prevents the handle from becoming hot. The compartment for the ground coffee is of glass with small holes drilled in the bottom and and sides which permits the boiling water to circulate freely and insures a beverage of full and piquant flavor. This section is formed of one piece of glass with its base resting upon the bottom of the pot. In shape the percolator has the tall graceful lines of a water or refreshment pitcher and is fitted with a cleverly designed cover, having a patented stud which is part of the glass pot and which holds the cover in place while the pot is tilted in pouring. The new pearl line and the percolator is certainly destined to prove a "best seller" and a view of the display of samples will help many a buyer to pick good winning numbers.


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