Russian Glass & Porcelain Trade

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Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 96, no. 1, p. 24, col. 1-2

The Russian Glass and Porcelain Trade

Although some factories of the Moscow Glass and Porcelain Trust have been working incessantly with the exception of the periods when the workmen were absent, their work on the whole in the summer months moved more slowly. Some factories stopped altogether. At present the productive, activity of the Trust is correctly expressed as follows: The Mischeronsky Glass Factory is constantly producing chemical and wine bottles to the order of Government establishments. The factory has orders to keep it going for a long time, and is working up to full capacity. The Sergiyevsky Glass Factory, after summer repairs, began work on September 1 with perfumery bottles to the order of Zhirkost Trust. At the present time the factory is supplied with decoloring materials, which has made it possible to obtain white glass of pre-war quality. The question of starting the Solnetchnogorsky Glass Factory (which was laid idle in the spring) to produce assorted and chemical vessels is still unsettled. As regards porcelain production in tea services, this is limited to the Kuzyaievsky Factory, which began to work in September at full capacity. This made it possible to stop the weaker porcelain factories Retchitzky and Fryazevsky. This latter began in the month of September to finish the half products lying at its disposal in considerable quantities. The proposed production of the Kuzyaievsky Factory will more than cover the possible production of the factories that have been closed down. The production of porcelain table glass is done at the Retchitzky Porcelain Factory, which recommenced work in September. Anticipating an immense demand for porcelain vessels, the factory named, from the beginning of October, has considerably increased its production, and will work a large furnace, besides the small furnace working now. Besides this, in November it is proposed to start the Elektro Porcelain Factory also in the production of porcelain vessels. The production of electro-technical porcelain, which in itself is a specialty of the "electro" factory, will not be re-started because of the extremely small demand on the part of the Government establishments for this kind of product. The Pheninski factory for acid-resisting porcelain vessels has been working since the end of September in the production of ordinary vessels cups, basins, earthen pots, etc. the demand for which is extremely strong. Reports frorn Kovno state that the Petrograd glass industry, which has been combined into a trust, shows undoubted signs of recoyery. The Droujna Gorka factories, which make lamp glasses, ahve resumed work since the-month of September this year.


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