60,000 volt line in USA

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrician

London, England
p. 769, col. 2

Line Insulator for 60,000 Volts.—The Western Electrician of Chicago describes a new type of insulator which has just been brought out in America. It is designed for a 60,000 volts active line pressure, and is capable, it is stated, of carrying 81,000 volts in severe rainstorms without leaking. It is also said to be able to carry 100,000 volts without arcing. The insulator has a porcelain pin base, with a specially prepared quality of annealed glass at the screw. The upper part of the insulator is of vitrified china. The body and glaze are of simple earths fused together into a vitreous homogeneous mass at a high temperature. No lead or other metallic oxide is used in the making, and the body being of exactly the same material and fired at the same temperature as the glaze, has the same insulating qualities with or without the glaze. It is asserted that the insulators will not crack on the surface, or "leak" when subjected to varying temperatures.


Keywords:Porcelain Insulator : Fred Locke : M-2795
Researcher notes:The insulator sounds like Fred Locke's M-2795.
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