Sam Dyke left Akron Insulator & Marble Company


Publication: Summit County Beacon

Salem, OH, United States


An Akron Woman in East Liverpool.

Sadly Afflicted - How She Left This City.

A special dispatch - from East Liver­pool says: "Clara Esque, brought here from Akron four weeks ago by C. S. Dyke, is seriously ill and insane."

At about the time mentioned S. C. Dyke, of this city, shortly before that time, Superintendent of the Akron Marble and Insulator Company, left Akron for East Liverpool. At that time the Esque woman also went to that place. She was a young widow and had been employed at the marble works.

Mrs. Dyke whose home is on Buchtel avenue said at the time Dyke left the city, that she and her husband had trouble over the women named, and it was on her account that he had gone away. He had told her she said, that he was going away on business, but she had heard nothing of him and did not expect him to return. Sometime before going Dyke raffled off a diamond ring at the Empire House cigar stand. He secured the money but the ring has not yet been turned over.

At the time that statements originally appeared, to the effect that Dyke had eloped with Mrs. Esque, he sent a letter to THE BEACON AND REPUBLICAN, denying that such was the case and also saying that he had resigned his position at the Marble Works and had not been discharged.


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