Colonial Sign Company and Akron Insulator & Marble Company consolidate into a new company.


Publication: Akron Beacon Journal

Akron, OH, United States


Papers Filed With Secretary of State Monday.


A dispatch to the Beacon Journal from Columbus says that the Akron Insulator & Marble company of Akron has filed a dissolution certificate with the secretary of state, and the Colonial Sign company of Akron has changed its name to the Colonial Sign & Insulator company.

These two steps have been taken on account of the consolidation of the Colonial Sign company and the Akron Insulator & Marble company, which was effected last May. The consolidated company now occupies a new big factory at the corner of Grant street and Miller Ave. The factory is a model one. No coal is used and the power is obtained from a 100 horse power gas engine. Gas is also used in firing the kilns and the dyer. The company manufactures a patented porcelain letter used in electric signs, porcelain insulators of all kinds, and a porcelain hand form, used in the manufacture of rubber gloves. At a recent meeting of the company, the following officers were elected; H.B. Camp, president; R.E. Armstrong, vice president; C.R. Quine, secretary; W.H. Motz, treasurer; and J.R. Hemphill, manager.

Since the consolidation of the two companies some big additions have been made to the factory and equipment, and further improvements and additions are proposed for this year.

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