Shay, Stephens & Company, Knapp, & Foree Bain exhibit at the St. Louis Exposition

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 7, no. 7, p. 85, col. 1

Electrical Exhibitors at the St. Louis



Fred H. Whipple, superintendent of the electrical display at the St. Louis exposition, announces the following list of exhibitors who have already secured floor space:


Stanley Electric company, Philadelphia, apparatus for electrically filtering water; Jenney Electric Motor company, Indianapolis, motors and dynamos; Fidelity Carbon Manufacturing company, St. Louis, carbons and battery material; C. H. Talmage, Kansas City, electric house heaters; Joseph Irwin, Topeka electric railroad signals; G P. Hackenberg, Austin, Tex., electrical musical telegraphy; John S. Melton, St. Louis, electric foot specialties; Royal Silk Manufacturing company, New York, dynamo towels; W. H. Jenkins, Denver, Colo., electric mining apparatus; Hoover, Owen & Reutchler company, Hamilton, O., engines; N. H. Edgerton, Philadelphia, motors and instruments; Schultz Belting company, St. Louis, belts; Armington & Sims Engine company. Providence, R. I., engine for marine lighting; Thomson-Houston Electric company, Boston, marine dynamos, electric hoists and mining machines; F. M. Sparrow, Boston, electric specialties; Parker-Russell Mining company, St. Louis, carbons; Sperry Electric company, Chicago, motors and dynamos; Chicago Belting company, Chicago, belts; Phoenix Engine company, Meadville, Pa., engines; Sioux City Engine company, Sioux City, Ia., engines; St. Louis Electrical Supply company, St. Louis, general electric supplies; Walter E. Crane, Minneapolis, electric oil filters; Fisher Electric company, Detroit, Mich., dynamos; Foree Bain Chicago, dynamos; Carpenter-Nevens Electro Heating company, Minneapolis, domestic heating appliances; Rose Electric Light Supply company, St. Louis, dynamos, motors and lamps; Buckeye Engine company, Salem, O., engines; Edison General Electric company, New York, dynamos; John T Noye Manufacturing company, Buffalo, N.Y., engines; Western Electric company, Chicago, dynamos; Knapp Electrical Works, Chicago, motors and domestic electrical supplies; Southern Electrical Supply company, St. Louis, motors and supplies; Electric Exercising Machine company, Boston, electric exercising machines: Franklin Electric company, Chicago, electric cigar lighters; Union Electrical Construction company, St. Louis; general electrical apparatus; Pennock Battery company, Chicago; electric battery railroad; A. L. Ide & Son, Springfield, Ill.; engines, dynamos and motors; Kester Electric company, Terre Haute, Ind.; Johnston Electric Train Signal company, Boston, model train of cars with electric signals; Blattner & Adam, St. Louis, household supplies; Connecticut Motor company, Plantsville, Conn., dynamos and motors; Westinghouse interests combined; electrical and mechanical apparatus; Sperry Electric Mining Machine company, Chicago, electric mining machines; Shay, Stevens & Co.. Chicago; insulators and battery jars; John Moran, Adair, Mo., electric burglar alarms; Simplex Electrical company, Boston, wires and cables; Washburn & Moen, Worcester, Mass., wires and cables; Automatic Clock company, Syracuse, N. Y., clock cut outs, etc.; Belding Motor & Manufacturing company, Chicago, motors; Page Belting company. Concord, N. H., belts; A. C. Wolfram, St. Louis, domestic electric goods; Great Western Electric Supply company, Chicago, supplies; Jewell Belting company, Hartford, Conn., belts; Washington Electric Conduit company, Washington. D. C., underground conduits; Russell Electric Lamp company, Boston, arc lamps; Buckeye Electric company, Cleveland, O., lamps; Swan Lamp company, Cleveland, O., lamps; Lockwood Instrument company, Detroit, electrical instruments; Novelty and Electric company, Memphis, Tenn., electric specialties; Pond Engineering company, St. Louis, engine and dynamo; Samuel T. Williams, Baltimore, Md., engines; E. M. Turner, St. Louis, elevated electric railway; Jackson Electric Engine and Telephone company, Boston; electric engine and storage battery; Gibson Electric Fixture company, Philadelphia, electroliers; Zeigler Bros., Boston, electrical apparatus; Electrical Safety company, Boston, electric protectors; Fibrous Manufacturing company, New York, insulating and ornamental materials; De Kosenko & Hetherington, Philadelphia, electrolier, C. & C. Motor company, New York, motors; the Okonite company, New York, wires and cables; Central Electric company, Chicago, general supplies; English, Morse & Co.. Kansas City, engineers' specialties; Unicycle Electric Elevated Railway company, St. Louis, electric bicycle; Western Electrical Supply company, St. Louis; general supplies; New York Insulated Wire company, wires.


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