Shay, Stephens & Company introduce new glass knob

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 6, no. 11, p. 165-166, col. 3,1

Business Mention.

Shay, Stephens & Co. of Chicago have just brought out a new style of insulated holder which they call their No. 35 glass knob. It is designed to take the place of the porcelain knobs now so largely in use in all kinds of electric light construction, and as it is a perfect insulator sold at a price only slightly above that of porcelain, it is certain to receive a very large sale. Although this specialty has been on sale but a few days the firm has already made a sale of 100,000 to one supply house alone. The firm also reports large sales of their different styles of insulators and a greatly increased demand for all kinds of glass goods manufactured by them.


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