Mintie Carroll Hemingray, Daniel Carroll Hemingray, B. W. Foley

Social Event


Publication: The Daily Commonwealth

Covington, KY, United States
vol. III, no. 210, p. 1, col. 3


Among the Covington society people at the Bernhardt performance last night we notice the names of the following:

Miss Mintie Hemingray,

Miss Judity Stevenson,

Miss Maggie Ward,

Mrs. Woodall,

Mr. T. C. Robbins,

Prof. B. W. Foley,

Mr. Tom Clemmons,

Mr. George Perkins,

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. McDonnold,

Mr. John E. Dudley,

Mr. Dan Hemingray,

Dr. and Mrs. Miller,

Judge W. W. Trimble and wife,

Miss Nora Lloyd,

Mr. Chap Johnson,

Mr. Chauncey Owen,

Mrs. Mauser,

Miss Della Clemmons,

Mr. John Benton.


Keywords:Hemingray : Daniel Carroll Hemingray
Researcher notes:Prof. B. W. Foley was the son of James L. Foley, Vice President of Hemingray Glass Company. He was an accomplished musician in Covington.
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Researcher:Glenn Drummond
Date completed:February 1, 2004 by: Glenn Drummond;