Mica Insulator Company files incorporation papers

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 12, no. 11, p. 152, col. 2


The Mica Insulator company filed articlesof incorporation March 1st at Elizabeth, N. J., the authorized capital stock being, placed at $100,000, all paid in. The company's plant is located at Schenectady, N. Y., while its office and salesroom will be at 218 Water street, New York. The officers are: Eugene Munsell, president; Franklin Brooks, vice president, and Lewis W. Kingsley, secretary and treasurer. The company will manufacture micanite for electrical insulation. Through a process controlled by this interest, small scrap mica is now utilized in all forms and shapes for insulating purposes where sheet mica was formerly used, at a much reduced cost, and with no diminution in efficiency.


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