New Railway Line Material

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Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 13, no. 19, p. 242-243, col. 2-3,3

New Railway Line Material.


A conspicuous feature of the street railway convention at Milwaukee was the display of new railway line appliances which the General Electric company has just brought out. These line appliances, known as form "E," have already been installed on several roads, and their excellence tested and proved. The metallic parts are of bronze. The insulation used is known as the "L" compound, and is hard, homogeneous and solid, having insulating qualities of a high order. The part common to all suspension appliances is the bolt, which is also of bronze, and is covered with the "L" compound. All the suspension bodies are strong, durable, and are so constructed as to be very readily placed in position on the line. It will be seen that their construction is such as best to adapt them to the heavy strain and hard usage incidental to street railway practice. The bell portion is wide and deep, and affords thorough protection from both moisture and accident. In putting up this device the ear may be soldered to the wire, the bolt thrust through the suspension body and screwed into the ear, and then the cap screwed over the body and tightly locked, making a joint that is water-proof.

In the new trolley frogs the important feature is the disposition of the runways. That for the straight track is larger, and is placed somewhat in advance of that for the turn-out. The wheel is thus caught more quickly, and the chance of it running off lessened. The runways are straight, and are so made as to be on the same level as the trolley wire. They are furnished with projecting lips that can be bent over the trolley wire, and the appliance can thus be used without soldering until their definite position has been determined. The company is also introducing a new patent spoked trolley wheel. The spokes or ribs serve to hold the flanges in position, after the wheel has worn out, and the car may be run back to the car house without help.


New Railway Line Material.



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