Pass & Seymour have taken the entire floor at 34 Dey St.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Central Station

New York, NY, United States
vol. 2, no. 4, p. 357-358, col. 2


PASS & SEYMOUR, of Solvay, N. Y., have taken the entire street floor of No. 34 Dey street, New York City, in which they will carry a complete stock of their electrical porcelain specialties. This will be a great convenience to their customers in this vicinity, enabling them to secure at once and without delay any of their porcelain wiring specialties in almost any quantity. Mr. B. E. Salisbury, of the home office, has been in New York City for the past two weeks directing the affairs of the New York house, which he will turn over to Mr. W. B. Hall, formerly connected with the factory at Solvay, who will be in charge.


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