Displayers at the NELA convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 16, no. 9, p. 106-107, 109, col. 1-3

Convention Notes and Personals.

The Brodie Electric company of Manchester, N. H., through its president, J. D. Brodie, distributed a circular giving a complete list of its new form of insulators, which received a large amount of favorable comment.

The Nashold cleat was visible, and so was its genial designer, E. Nashold, so well known and popular among the frequenters of the Monadnock building, Chicago. Mr. Nashold has only recently put his specialty upon the market, but the manner in which supply men seek him out to be his "exclusive representative" in their particular territories would indicate that the Nashold cleat is a "winner." It is remored that General Manager Nashold placed several agencies for his cleat during his stay in Cleveland.

"Insulators that Insulate," i. e., the Brodie insulators were kept before the convention by a strikingly illustrated circular. The Brodie insulator for supporting heavy aerial conductors is a device worth the study of electrical men interested in heavy work and high insulation. A line to General Manager Albert L. Clough, Manchester, N. H., will bring a "pointer."

General Manager J. H. Parker, for C. S. Knowles of Boston, was one of the attendants at the convention who examined very closely all the numerous electrical specialties that were to be seen around and about exhibition hall. It has been some time since Mr. Parker has been able to appear at an electrical convention; it is hoped that he will be seen at all future meetings.

The Akron Insulator & Marble company of Akron, O., exhibited a fine line of the "Standard" tubing for electrical purposes. Window and floor tubes, together with insulators and numerous other electrical specialties were displayed and their merits explained in a most clever and convincing manner by A. L. Daniels. Mr. Daniels, although he had but one line to present, made his tubing "standard" indeed with many members in search of high class wares.

The R. Thomas & Sons company of East Liverpool, O., managed to do a neat piece of advertising through the energy of their hustling and popular representative "Tom" Grier. "Tom" was enterprising enough to see that those little knobs of white ware were well used in the temporary wiring of exhibition hall. Trust to "Tommy" Grier for ingenious and timely bits of advertising -- he's an author, too, you know. J. E. Way, from New York, co-operated with Mr. Grier in his most excellent work.

The Eureka porcelain cleat was there in all its "largeness," and so was its courteous and genial designer, M. M. Wood. As is now well known, Mr. Wood is in business for himself and is pushing his high class and very ingenious specialties most energetically. Mr. Wood has a private laboratory and his devices are "sellers" in every sense of the word, as may be readily appreciated after a glance at his printed matter which will be furnished on application. It was a matter of regret, however, and not only placed some large orders for material, but likewise did some handsome selling.


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Researcher notes:The convention referred to is the annual meeting of the National Electric Light Association.
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