Mica Insulator Company display at New York electrical exposition

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 18, no. 22, p. 271, col. 3

Micanite at the Exhibition.


The exhibit of micanite at the New York electrical exposition by the Mica Insulator company, shown by the accompanying picture, is sure to appeal to all who are interested in high-grade insulation. Not only the standard shapes of rings, segments, cylinders, tubes, troughs, spools, washers, cloth, etc., are displayed, but also several special shapes which show the adaptability of micanite to be shaped to any form desired. Among these special forms are two large V-shaped rings five feet in diameter, micanite insulation for pole pieces, a large armature and several commutators insulated completely with micanite.

The exhibit is in charge of C. W. Jefferson and Edward C. Wood. Eugene Munsell & Co. have space with the Mica Insulator company and exhibit mica in the rough, as obtained from the mine, and also after it has been prepared for use. They also show stamped solid sheet mica segments, washers, rheostats, etc., and are prepared to furnish mica in any quantity, size or pattern, in the rough, or cut to shape. The exhibit is in charge of Edward C. Wood.


Micanite at the Exposition.



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Researcher notes:The exposition referred was the National Electrical exposition held in New York.
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