Mica Insulator Company exhibited at the American Street Railway Assoc. Convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 19, no. 18, p. 213, 214, col. 3,1

Convention Notes.

One of the most attractive and interesting exhibits at the convention was that of the Mica Insulator company, New York, Chicago and London, which consisted of a large variety of the various form of "micanite." The booth, occupying 100 square feet of space, and lighted by an arc lamp, was handsomely decorated, under the personal supervision of the St. Louis representative, Arthur S. Partridge. Some of the most prominent forms of insulation which attracted the attention of railway managers, electricians and superintendents of motor equipments, were the following: Commutator segments and rings for all the standard railway motors and many of the standard makes of power generators, micanite plates, field spools, armature slot troughs, armature disks, washers, tubes, "Micanite" and "Empire" insulating cloths and papers, etc., etc. The large W. P. 50 armature, which was insulated throughout with micanite, fooled a good many; it being made of wood, and very closely resembled the genuine. The company was represented by Henry C. Onick of the Chicago house, who expounded the values of micanite as an insulator.


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Researcher notes:The convention referred to is the annual meeting of the American Street Railway Association
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