Mica Insulator Company will exhibit at the street railway convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 21, no. 16, p. 225, col. 2


The Mica Insulator company of New York, Chicago and London will exhibit at the street railway convention at Niagara Falls next week a full line of its "Micanite" insulating specialties. During the last year the company has added several new lines of insulating materials to its already extensive list. Two of these may be mentioned the flexible "Micanite" plate and "M. I. C." insulating compound. "Micanite" and "Empire" cloths and papers, together with "Micanite" plates for commutator segments, will be attractively displayed, and as the company is a manufacturer of commutator rings and segments to a large extent, the exhibit promises to be one of. unusual interest to all railway men in attendance. Franklin Brooks, vice-president of the company, and Chas. E. Coleman, manager of the Chicago branch, will be in attendance and be pleased to welcome their many friends in the trade.


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