Mica Insulator Company calls attention to it's M. I. C. compound

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 21, no. 18, p. 255-256, col. 3,1


The Mica Insulator company of 117 Lake street, Chicago, calls attention to its new M. I. C. insulator compound. The product is chifcfly one of refined linseed oil, asphalt and rubber, with a character that has taken several years to form. The initials M. I. C. denote that the Mica Insulator company is behind it; standing as a guarantee that it is of a high grade. The M. I. C. compound is an enamel; black in color, and manufactured in four grades to suit all requirements. Each grade is an insulator, wet or dry; durable, elastic, even after baking. It does not contain carbon-bisulphide or any other objectionable materials. It is non-corrosive, stands high temperature, is impervious to moisture, has no offensive odor and can be reduced to any desired density of solution with turpentine or benzine. For the insulations and coatings of all parts of motors, generators, armatures, field magnets, wires, cables, transformers, overhead line constructions, arc lamps, switchboards, bare metal surfaces, and on cloth, paper, fuller board, etc., it is said to have no equal. Manufacturers of every variety of electrical apparatus, railway, telegraph, telephone, electric light and electric power companies, require a high-grade article of this kind, and, after the most exhaustive tests and trials, the company stakes its reputation upon the new compound.


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