Mica Insulator Company reports a heavy business

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 24, no. 8, p. 117, col. 3


Electrical engineers who are not already familiar with the value of micanite as an insulator for commutator segments and rings are requested to write the Mica Insulator company of New York and Chicago. The company makes a specialty of furnishing segments for any style or type of machine and has manufactured some segments recently as long as 30 1/2 inches and four inches in height. It reports a heavy business, both in this country and in Europe. The Mica Insulator company's sheet-insulation manual and data book not only gives the breakdown tests of its insulations, but contains samples of the goods it manufactures. A large stock of micanite plates, cloth, tubes, paper and Empire and M. I. C. compound insulations is carried at New York and Chicago, and also at the sales agencies in Cincinnati, St. Louis, San Francisco and Cleveland.


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