Mica Insulator Company display at street railway convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 25, no. 18, p. 252, col. 1-2


Large and Varied Display of Apparatus

at Street-railway Convention.

Next in importance to the gathering of the association itself was the exhibition at Tattersall's, by manufacturers and dealers from all over the country, of nearly everything needed for the construction, equipment and operation of the modern electric railway. The whole main floor of the hall was filled with exhibition booths, the aggregate amount of space devoted exclusively to the exhibitors being over 12,000 square feet, while a few exhibits were placed in the gallery and on the curb in Dearborn street, west of the building. Among the exhibits were displays of car motors and trucks, fenders and gates, fare registers, seat and curtain furnishings, headlights and lamps, generators and switchboards, telephones, line and track material; in fact, about everything needed for the equipment of street cars and power houses. The largest exhibits were those of the General Electric company and the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing company. They occupied prominent positions in the center of the hall. Considering the short time for which the goods were displayed, the exhibition was certainly a very good one, and it was not alone instructive to the delegates and supply men in attendance, as a large number of spectators visited the hall and were well repaid. From the local street-railway companies, too, delegations of employes marched to the hall and inspected the exhibits, to their instruction and profit.

Eugene Munsell & Co. and Mica Insulator company. The combined exhibit of Eugene Munsell & Co. and the Mica Insulator company of New York, Chicago and London, occupied 200 square feet. The booth was tastefully designed, dark, rich, blue material being used as the background, paneled in gilt, which gave a rich effect. The Mica Insulator company's exhibit consisted of micanite plate, flexible plate, cloth, paper, M. I. C. compound, Empire cloth and paper, micanite tubes and troughs, and various forms of insulation, of which this company makes a specialty. Eugene Munsell & Co.'s exhibit consisted of mica in the sheet and a variety of sizes. Both the India and amber qualities were shown, also mica as it comes from the mines and mica segments. Directly over the desk, suspended from the sign, was a large rare specimen of India mica, in size 14 inches by 36 inches, probably one of the largest sheets ever mined. This is such a rare specimen that there are probably less than three or four pounds of mica of these dimensions in the United States. The souvenir distributed was a neat card-case, and it was highly appreciated by the delegates in attendance. The exhibit was in charge of Charles E. Coleman, western manager, assisted by Howard M. Frantz.


1. Dearborn Drug and Chemical Works./2. Garl Electric Co. Cling-surface Manufacturing Co./3. Central Union Brass Co. Central Electric Co./4. American Steel and Wire Co./5. K. McLennan & Co./6. Tramway and Railway World./7. Eugene Munsell & Co. Mica Insulator Co./8. Garton-Daniels Electric Co./9. Eureka Electric Co./10. Standard Paint Co. Western Electric Co.//EXHIBITS AT THE CHICAGO STREET-RAILWAY CONVENTION.
1. Dearborn Drug and Chemical Works.
2. Garl Electric Co. Cling-Surface Manufacturing Co.
3. Central Union Brass Co. Central Electric Co.
4. American Steel and Wire Co.
5. K. Mclennan & Co.
6. Tramway and Railway World.
7. Eugene Munsell & Co. Mica Insulator Co.
8. Garton-Daniels Electric Co.
9. Eureka Electric Co.
10. Standard Paint Co. Western Electric Co.

Exhibits at the Chicago Street-Railway Convention.



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