Patent Record; #701,847 & 701,848 V. G. Converse insulator patent

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Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 30, no. 25, p. 453, col. 1


Issued (United States Patent Office) June 10, 1902.


NO. 701,847.  INSULATOR.
No. 701,847. Insulator.


701,847. Insulator. Vernon G. Converse, Pittsburg, Pa. Application filed August 2, 1901.

The high-voltage insulator described is made up of three or more parts which are separate articles of manufacture. One of these acts as a cap to cover or protect the pin or support from the elements, the second is a tube or cylinder of a smaller diameter than the first part which surrounds or encloses the pin and electrically protects it, and the third one or more parts have outwardly extending flanges or petticoats which intervene between the first and second parts. (See cut.)


701,848. Insulator. Vernon G. Converse, Pittsburg, Pa. Application filed March 17, 1902.

This insulator is similar to the preceding one except that the parts are permanently united.


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