Labor saving receptacle for signs

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Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 38, no. 1, p. 23, col. 3

Labor-saving Receptacle for Signs.


The tendency in all lines of construction work is toward labor-saving devices, and a receptacle especially designed for electric sign work recently placed on the market by Pass & Seymour of Solvay, N Y., undoubtedly accomplishes this result. This receptacle is for use in signs which are metal-faced, or in which the letters are of metal, and in the construction of which it is desired to fasten the receptacles directly to the metal from the rear instead of first inserting them through borings in a wood support. In most receptacles for this work provision is made to fasten them in place by means of two screws, thus necessitating the punching of three holes in the metal, two to receive the screws and one in which the lamp may be inserted. In the device illustrated herewith the use of screws is eliminated, and a glance at the illustration will show how this is done. In placing the receptacle in position it is inserted from the rear through a single hole punched in the metal, and the porcelain ring is screwed into position from the front. This porcelain ring not only serves as a means of holding the receptacle in place, but gives a finished appearance to the front of the sign. In case of a receptacle becoming damaged after the sign is up it may be readily removed and a new one inserted. The turning of the receptacle after it is inserted is made impossible by the providing of a key in the receptacle part proper, which serves as a locking device. The manufacturers say that they are prepared to furnish at cost the die necessary for punching out the holes.


Sign Receptacle.



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