Western Glass Manufacturing Company, Denver, Colorado

Michael J. Nester Leaves - Replaced by Patrick Quinn

[Trade Journal]

Publication: China, Glass & Lamps

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 22, no. 46, p. 21, col. 1 - 2


Michael J. Nester, who has been the efficient manager of the Western Glass Mfg. Co.'s plant at Denver, Col., since July 1900, has taken the management of the Kansas City Glass Works, recently purchased by the Obear-Nester company, of East St. Louis, Ill., a firm of which Mr. Nester has been a member for some time.

The employees of the Denver works assembled in the packing room recently and A. J. Henderson, on their behalf, in a neat and appropriate speech, presented Mr. Nester with a diamond stud, as a token of the esteem in which he is held by those who have been associated with him during the past three years.

Patrick Quinn, late of Streator, Ill., succeeds Mr. Nester at the Western plant.


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