Fiske electrical steering apparatus

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 30, no. 17, p. 286, col. 3

Fiske Electrical Steering Apparatus.


Lieutenant Bradley A. Fiske of the United States Navy has just been granted a patent that is entitled "Electrical Steering Apparatus for Ships." The patent is numbered 697,826 and is assigned to the Western Electric Company of Chicago. The essential details of the invention are as follows: The helm of the ship is operated by means of a steam steering engine, which is controlled by a reversing valve. The valve is adapted to be moved in either direction to cause the engine to run in one direction or the other, according to the direction of such movement. The valve is normally maintained in a central position to keep the engine at rest. It is opened in one direction or the other by means of a small induction motor, according to the character of current supplied to it. The motor is connected electrically to a polyphase generator, the armature or rotor of which is adapted to be operated manually by a hand-steering wheel. By this arrangement the engine may be caused to move the helm to one side or the other by manually operating the generator in a corresponding manner. The arrangement of the apparatus is illustrated in the accompanying diagram.


Fiske Electrical Steering Apparatus.



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